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Lead at home, compete globally.

Navigating Global Markets

Blue Dot positions its clients to capitalize on the opportunities of the new global reality.

Through a highly developed approach to geopolitical risk management which leverages sophisticated and robust analytical processes, we help companies understand trade dynamics, build resilience, and create a playbook for success.


Our holistic strategic planning process enables clients to make informed choices, adapt their product offerings, value options, and business models to seize competitive advantages and attract capital investments. By developing a comprehensive perspective on trends, market structures, and forecasting, companies can explore growth possibilities in every dimension.


This process may involve geographical expansion, core growth, diversification into adjacencies, or capturing opportunities from value-chain disruptions and integrations. Blue Dot provides support for every stage of this process to enable financing and generate enthusiasm for the deal.

Streamlined Process

Identify the most pressing needs, and most promising opportunities.

Source the partners that are best equipped to boost performance

Capture new growth windows.

iSynergy℠ is an international presence advisory program that supports clients in aligning their business, financial, and investor strategies to deliver strong and sustainable value creation. This program is designed to function as a natural enhancer of your growth strategy. With iSynergy℠, we help our clients to carefully chose where to compete and support them in carrying out their strategies.


iSynergy℠ empowers clients to take the bold steps that are required to stay ahead of the curve. It allows you to amplify your reach and improve your ability to discover hidden value while remaining in total control of your growth strategy.

End-to-End Support


Working jointly with our clients, we develop distinctive ways to achieve continued excellence by devising differentiated strategies, maximizing investment capabilities, developing sector specialization and intelligence, enhancing fundraising, improving organizational design, optimizing decision making, and enlisting top talent.

Deal Generation

Competition for deals and fundraising is fierce overcrowded. We help clients make the right deals and enhance deal flow by combining advanced profiling, target screening, and action planning. In addtition to external evaluations we also conduct a thorough internal one to quikly develop an accurate assessment of KPIs and relevant benchmarks.

Due Diligence

Blue Dot helps you make decisions with clarity by replacing confusing data manipulation with straightforward answers to pressing questions. Our deep vetting process looks beyond track record and operational KPIs to understand the true drivers of performance and uncover any hidden risks.

Ongoing Monitoring & Value Addition


We help clients elevate portfolio value by supporting revenue enhancement and cost-reduction initiatives and rejuvenating their value-creation plans.

Exit Planning

In preparation for an exit, we help ensure that you elicit maximum

returns and absorb the impact of decoupling or severance. Companies seeking to drive innovation, gain vital capabilities, or leverage the benefits of scale must anticipate industry disruptions, innovate, apply a unique point of view on geopolitical shifts.

Exposure Assessment


The first step for a company to conduct an analysis of their operations and assess their exposure to changing trading regulations and conditions, taking into account the potential impact on revenues, costs, and assets throughout the value chain.

Dynamic Analysis

The aftershock of abrupt policy changes can cause shifts throughout the entire competitive landscape. Companies must determine the strategic implications of such events for their product lines and the industry sector at large.

Competitor Dynamic Analysis

Evaluate the exposure of suppliers and competitors to acquire an understanding of the relative impact of policy shifts and locate potential arising opportunities.

Scenario Compilation

Devise a set of potential measures that could be pursued in response to different scenarios of policy changes to mitigate risk and gain competitive advantage. Identify potential triggers and determine both proactive and reactive actions to be undertaken.

Resilience Building

Select a set of non-invasive preemptive measures which can increase flexibility in case of sudden changes in international trade regulations.

Playbook Development

Align leadership positioning on the appropriate courses of action under specific circumstances.

Policy Shaping

In anticipation of policy changes, make timely efforts to

influence the policymaking direction.


Strategic Alliance System



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