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Global Challenges

May 5th, 2021
20 min read

The ability to resolve major global issues is contingent upon cohesion and cooperation

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As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, humanity faces an unprecedented range of challenges. The critical threats of this decade include cyberattacks, weapons of mass destruction, and, most notably, climate change. The effectiveness of our collective response to these pressing global challenges will determine the future of our species. However, our most daunting challenges also present our most promising opportunities. At Blue Dot, we help clients identify and capture opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach and deliver maximum value for their stakeholders.

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The ability to resolve major global issues is contingent upon cohesion and cooperation. Unfortunately, this ability is being undercut by two significant forces: an unsettled geopolitical landscape and a retreat from multilateralism.


Changing Demographic Patterns

Technological Advancements

Deeper Market Integration

State Capitalism

Rising Economic Nationalism

In the past, interconnectedness has been a powerful driver of growth and productivity and a crucial supporter of job creation. Today, as the world becomes more politically and physically decentralized, our fundamental beliefs and assumptions about cross-border business are being questioned. In this context, surging uncertainty about the direction of public policy has made strategic trade and investment planning more difficult. 

Nevertheless, it is increasingly becoming more evident that claims of a globalization rollback have been vastly exaggerated. While trade in goods and FDI has undoubtedly experienced stagnation, it has certainly not reversed course. On the other hand, and perhaps more importantly, digitally delivered services have undeniably experienced a boom. 

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The rise of digital transformation is redefining the international business landscape. Customers, devices, services, processes, and businesses continue to integrate on the digital plane. This rapidly evolving, increasingly complex global trade environment presents great risks. However, it is also creating enormous opportunities for companies that know how to navigate it and are sufficiently agile in their evolution.

Blue Dot helps companies adapt their products, operating models, value chains, decision-making, and end-to-end processes to seize the opportunities of the new global reality.

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